Henry P. Becton Regional High School, Carlstadt - East Rutherford Regional School District

Staff Health Training

Below you will find several trainings. Please read the following instructions.


For All Faculty:


By NJ Statute, annual asthma education is to be available for all members of the teaching staff.

The faculty is to please view the Asthma Training slide presentation, then go to the Asthma Training Questionnaire. Click on the link and complete the questionnaire.  All staff are required to complete the questionnaire by September 30 th .


Bloodborne Training:


Bloodborne training is federally required of those determined by the Exposure Control Plan to reasonably anticipate contact with blood or body fluids due to their staff position duties. These employees are to complete the training by September 30 th .


All other training is for staff who have been informed that one of their students, team members, etc., have one of the stated medical conditions. The nurse will also speak individually to those staff members.


If anyone would like to be an epinephrine or glucagon delegate, please review the training slides for Anaphylaxis and Glucagon Training. Please then see the nurse about becoming a delegate.